I took a similar approach from ‘Holding Out’ artwork to create content for ‘Just Us’. My goal was to make them somewhat cohesive but not too similar. Like ‘Holding Out’, the design and logo also started at pen and paper. I used the logo creatively to make cool pieces of art, and also used it in the Album Artwork as well as the merchandise we made for the song! The background of the Album Artwork is actually a zoomed in shot of a crystal from a chandelier. I loved the reflective and glossy look it had. It eventually led me to brainstorming the idea of using pieces of plastic to write the song lyrics on them, and also to make a transparent picture frame with the ‘Just Us’ logo on it. I went out at sunset consecutively for a couple days and took photos holding the art pieces I made in air, all in front of different scenic backgrounds. It all turned out so beautiful. There truly is nothing better in the world than seeing a vision come to life through art.


I spent weeks gathering different ideas for photos and videos to accompany ‘Holding Out’. It all started with the logo I made for ‘Holding Out’. I drew everything from hand, it made everything feel so much more authentic and personal to my touch. The rainbow reflection in some of the photos and the album artwork is actually a reflection from my window. Every afternoon around sunset, my window bends the light creates these colorful light selections. I decided to take full advantage of that by using it to create content for this release. Everything was pieced together so beautifully, I am so happy how everything turned out!