The Story behind 'Holding Out (feat. Aviva)'

H O L D I N G  O U T  //

About 5 months ago, I found myself in my schools piano room recording chords I had stuck in my head using the Voice Memo app on my iPhone. When I got home that day, I opened my laptop, and after a night of no sleep, the rough instrumental was finished. Once that was done, I knew that the song needed something else… a vocal. For a couple weeks I was stuck on finding the right artist to have featured on the record. I then decided to reach out to Aviva, an Actress and Singer based in Canada. When I saw her post on her Instagram Story that she’s planning a trip to Los Angeles, I took a chance and decided to message her on Instagram. A few minutes later she responded, and I was surprised yet excited at the same time. I proceeded to read her response, saying that she is willing to work with me on the record! Everything was starting to piece together, and the record started to come to life. When she arrived in Los Angeles, we took that chance to get in the studio and record vocals. We only had four hours booked, and I was stressed if we were going to be able to finish recording. I decided to bring one of my good friend's Dylan Lee to the session, who is half of the Electronic DJ Duo 'Midnight Kids’. We all sat down, wrote lyrics, and managed to track vocals all in a matter of those four hours we had. Everything just clicked. We were quite the writing team haha. Right then and there, the song came to life. We made sure to write lyrics that were authentic and portray a scenario that happens commonly in modern day relationships. The meaning of the song illustrates a date where a girl is head over heels for a guy, and keeps holding out for affection but is unsure if he feels the same way. I mean, don't you ever have one of those moments where you like someone so much and only wish they liked you back? I surely have haha. Every element in this song beautifully weaved together to portray that story. The emotion from the chord arrangement, to the melodic elements in the record; all creatively resemble that feeling to the listener, making it an authentic Pop Record to sing along to.. infused with Indie Electronic/Dance influences everyone can dance to. I couldn't be more proud of it all. My Debut Single ‘Holding Out (feat. Aviva)’ is now available everywhere :)

Anton Khabbaz